My temp/burnner email service of choice:

I donate a portion of my income to charities, not-for-profit initiatives and on rare occasions to political parties. This will not shock anyway who donates on a semi-regular basis that once the donation has been made, you tend to receive emails, calls etc. I also find that my email address is shared with other organisation who also email me. From my perspective, I have made my donation and that should be the end of it. If I want to participate further, it should entirely be my call.

For years now, I have stopped providing my actual phone number and physical address to these organisations, but I still give them my email address because I want the receipt for my donation.

This problem has been solved this year by the fine folks at Basecamp. Alongside, launching their $99 a year Hey email service, they also have a FREE Temp email service where one can get a temporary email address which only lasts for 2 weeks and took me less than 2 minutes (observe the timestamp on the images below) to set up. This is perfect.

For details, check out my blogpost:
Temp Perfect Burner email


I created an email account using one of my domain names in Google G-Suite. Then configured the Gmail account to catch all emails coming to that domain.
Then I use the name of the service / person etc a the

Spam and desired emails can easily be filtered.

Also useful to see who is sharing that email address with others…

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That’s also a good way of doing it.

I chose Hey because it doesn’t require anything else - no domain, no external service and can be done all on iOS :slight_smile:

The less I have to do, the better.

If you are signing up to something new and want to use a new email address, how easy is it to create that new address? I’m going to overhaul my email soon, so I’m looking at Hey, BurnerMail and looking for a cheapo alternative.

If you need access to that email for more than 14 days than the free Hey service is not an option. If you need it to test a new service (within 14 days) , than Hey is a good option

Very easy, you just fill in

Since you configured the account to receive any email directed to your (or .net etc) you will receive the confirmation email.

If it starts receiving spam simply create a filter to deal with it :wink:

The disadvantage of using an anonymous email generator like 10min mail and many others is that these are often rejected. Using your own domain name with a reputable email provider as Google never gave me problems :+1:

Can you reply from the temp email?

If you have Gmail, you can create a Gmail alias to receive emails that you only want to see temporarily. If you don’t want to see them again, just delete the alia. You can create as many alias as you want.

To create an alia for your Gmail, see the Step 1

So for example, youraccount@gmail,com is your real gmail.
In the setting, you can create alia, say, to receive booking reservation. Follow this rule, you can have more alias for different purposes, e.g., traveling agency, news feed. Note that the “+” is needed. If you are tired of ads sent from these websites, just delete the alias.

I know about and use email aliases extensively for a couple of my accounts.

Using a catch all option allows me to instantly use any without first having to go trough the Admin panel to create the alias account for random accounts I don’t need need future interaction with.

I’ve used for this for many years.

Exactly. I have been doing this for over a decade now. Probably have more than 500 aliases. One for each business vendor org etc. These mails never go to spam as its email addressed to my domain. I don’t even have create it. Just type it, Say it on demand