My thoughts, desires, questions re password managers

So I’ve been following the current 1Password dust-up. I’m not too hung up on the UI changes with Electron. But the crazy RAM usage does irk me, seems excessive for what’s really just a utility app.

We’ve been using the family plan since it came out. Two adults, and three college-aged kids. We have a shared family vault for Netflix type stuff, and each have our own vaults for individual stuff.

I have no problem going to something else if it makes sense.

My gripes with 1P:

  • it seems like a hassle to add a new device
  • I might have 220 or so accounts setup in there, and probably another 75 “login” items that are kind of orphaned because the site at the time was using a sub-domain. Clutters up the repo and is annoying.

My needs for a password manager going forward:

  • a family level of sharing, personal and family level vaults (e.g. Netflix for everyone, my email just for me)
  • ideally some level of cross-platform access. Not a total deal-breaker but I do a have a Windows gaming PC I use 1P on now. Otherwise everyone here is on macOS/iOS/iPadOS.

So the idea of the Apple provided solution sounds kinda good, but no shared vaults, and no cross-platform? I think?

And if I moved, wondering if there’s a halfway easy and at least somewhat secure way to migrate the data?

Anyway, just working through this all in my head and wondered who else has the same questions and needs.

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You might want to take a look at Bitwarden. I am to busy right now to spend much time on selecting an alternative to 1Password and then switch more the 1500 entries to give you 1st hand experience. But from what I read this could be a good candidate:


I agree with the BitWarden recommendation and reported here briefly on my experiences in moving from 1Password to BitWarden.



If the problem with 1Password v8 is the move to Electron what makes another Electron app like Bitwarden that much better? The $3/month for more than 2 users?


I am not one of the posters who has ever said he has a problem with Electron apps. In the context you mention my two key problems with 1Password were:

  • what I regarded as something akin to deceifulness in the manner in which the app slid into being subscription only (i.e., in spite previous assurances it would not do so and including, for example, ever more obfuscation about availaibility of standalone licences);
  • the fact that, even had I been tempted to succumb to the subscription, the pricing for two users was unattractive (i.e., rounding up, $60 p.a. as opposed to $36 p.a. for one user).

I put some years’ work into voluntary moderation on the 1Password forums and got on very well with the team at that time. However, I feel disenchanted (putting it mildly) with the current direction of travel of the company. I prefer to deal, if possible, with companies I respect. That is quite important to me.



I don’t feel the same about 1PW but I’ve definitely been disappointed with a company before. I hope Bitwarden works for you.