My User Library Containers Has Many Duplicate Folders - is this ok?

Hi all,

My User Library Has Many Duplicate Folders - is this ok?

In the ~/Library, open Containers.

I found 5 Mail folders …
I also see many other folders (non mail) that have duplicates
many dupes are from DEC 15

Is it a problem or ok? how can I fix this duplicate issue?

Most probably normal. I wouldn’t worry about it, unless someone here states otherwise. Here is what mine looks like:


Yowser! Mine has a half dozen Mail folders, too. But Mail seems to be working. Knocks on wood (my skull). Sometimes it is better not to know things like this!


This is Finder essentially lying to you. I have 6 “Mail” folders. If you look at the Show Info for them all you will find they actually have names other than “Mail”. You can also confirm this by doing an “ls Containers” on the command line. You won’t see anything called “Mail”.

Oops, I slipped up in the image by only showing five of six, but you get the idea!


Ok cool thanks for all the info!