My WFH setup after 1 year of pandemics

As a psychoanalyst, I’ve been seeing my patients exclusively online for more than a year now. I really had to upgrade my home setup. Formerly, it was just… well, just my laptop sitting anywhere I was in the apartment. Since I have a bad upper back, I had to buy a monitor, keyboard, a nice chair… all that stuff.

I’m pretty happy with what I came up, but I’d really like some suggestions.

I’m currently using:

  • A 2018 MacBook Air (gonna upgrade soon, probably)

  • Webcam Full HD Logitech C922 Pro Stream

  • Dell U2419H w/ a Dell soundbar

  • Keychron K2 (version 2)

  • MX Anywhere 2S mouse

  • Dazz Gamer Elite chair (not a gamer, but really needed a conforatble chair)

  • As a bonus, I’m a pen lover, so I’m rocking a 2019 Montblanc Starwalker (Rollerball, black ink)

  • For calendar, I use a daily Moleskine

I worked about 8-10h hours a day in this setup.

Any suggestions?


Nice setup!

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Very nice setup, but the part I am jealous of? Your window. I wish I could look out the window and see nothing but trees. I look out my window and see my neighbors. :frowning:


Do you have enough screen real estate?

For work I run a 24” monitor (both at home and in the office) and a Dell laptop (we’re Windows only unfortunately) and both at home and at work I have the laptop set on a stand (at a decent height) so that I have a second screen without taking too much desk space.

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Oh, I got really lucky. Even though I live in a really crowded neighborhood of my city (Porto Alegre, south of Brazil), my apartment face toward another building’s backyard. It’s really nice to have this view.

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Well, since I always used my notebook, a 24" monitor is a huge upgrade in screen real state. I don’t need much screen space, actually, since I only keep Safari, Mail and Zoom open all the time.


Looks good, that view looks very calming :slight_smile:
A cable tray or something to get those cables out of sight and out from under your feet might be a nice simple enhancement.

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Also, nice pen!
How about a fountain pen? It looks like you’re left handed, but that’s usually not an issue.

Yes! I was thinking about it. Gonna check the recent topic about cable management.


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Thank you so much for the link.

As a left-handed, it’s really a pain to find a good pen for me.

Never had a fountain pen… maybe it’s time. =)

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I do have to ask: in the image, your pen looks like a ballpoint, not a rollerball. As a fellow pen aficionado, I’m required to ask about it.


Oh, you’re absolutely right. I’m sorry, English is not my first language!

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@Luciano_Mattuella Oh, no reason to be sorry at all! As a fellow pen addict, I could not help but make sure that I knew what I was looking at! It’s an addiction, I know …


Yup. Pens and watches, here.

Soon, mechanical keyboards…

We’ve been expecting you :smiling_imp:

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Oh, no. That’s so specific and so amusing.

What. have you done, my friend? =)

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@Luciano_Mattuella Obviously it’s time for you to start accumulating bags as well. No good Mac Power User would be without a variety of bags for carrying around all that gear!


Nice setup, I wish my desk looked that clean! I have similar, but I’m shopping for a standing desk. I have one at the office and would like to have one here also. Any recommendations?

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Well, since I live in Brazil, I guess the bags would only serve to move the gear from one room to another in the apartment… There’s a long way until COVID is over, here…

Thank you. Have in mind that this is my “Sunday desk”. During the week it is really messier!

I could never adapt to standing desk, unfortunately, but I guess some other user from the forum can help with that!