My wife's office

Here is a picture of the desk that I made for her. Its a Fully frame with a 72 wide Sapele butcherblock top. The top was 39" wide. I ripped 9" off and placed it op top as a riser using 3 piece sof some left over hardwood. Sanded to 320 grid and finished with mineral oil.

I also made a grove in the underside of the riser to hold an LED strip light over the entire with of the desk (warm white dimmable).

The iMac is connected with Cat6 ethernet. Desk phone is also hardwires and receives power via POE. Entire desk has a APC backup power supply.


That looks awesome! Well done!

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That’s sharp!

I have dreams of doing something similar for a desk, a Fully frame w/ a reclaimed lumber desktop (possibly reclaimed bowling alley Maple). I never thought about the riser though. I love the way that looks!

Can you get a picture with the room lights dimmed and the under-riser light strip on?

Will do as soon as I have installed them.

Beautiful desk and workmanship!

What chair is she using?

Relax the Back X-Chair.
She had a Herman Miller and used my Steelcase for a while. This X-Chair is very well made and she likes it. :+1:

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Love the dark finish.

Very nice, great work! :+1:t3:

10/10! Very nice and solid looking :slight_smile:

Gorgeous. I adore that riser… and great thinking of the dimmable LED lights!

Its magical to see that deep color appear when applying mineral oil :slight_smile:



I can’t quite ID the subject of the painting/photo on the wall. Is it a puffer fish?

Oh – nice setup, and I love the desk.

Thats a sharp nose puffer fish. I took that picture :sunglasses:


Ah, much easier to see it with the shout in view. Nice!

As promised here is the view with the LED’s installed :slight_smile:
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It’s gorgeous! The lighting’s such a nice touch.

Beautiful!!! That looks awesome

Great desk, love the color.

Beautiful desk! I’ve had plans to make one of my own and like the way you’ve done it.

Can you post a shot of the underneath and how you’ve nicely hidden all the wires?

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