MyQ getting worse and worse, any good alternatives?

I have the MyQ system that plugs into the wall, connects to local wifi network, and has a separate battery-powered sensor for the garage door. When I installed it, it worked as expected 90-95% of the time, including when activated from Apple Watch. I’ve had to hard reset the device prob half a dozen times in the last few years including deleting and reinstalling the app on the watch and both my phone and my wife’s phone. Wife has since gotten frustrated and stopped using it. More recently, reliability has declined to around 70% or so and has not worked at all from the watch in months, I finally just deleted the complication. I’ve replaced the batteries multiple times in the door sensor, does not seem to make a difference. Often now also gets out of sync (ie, open the app when the garage door is open and the device displays it as closed, or vice-versa), but may still function as expected - ie, its the same button to open and close the door, so when you tap it, regardless of whether it thinks the door is open or closed it will still act as expected, even if displaying incorrectly on the iPhone.
All this to say, the system is becoming less and less useful and I’m getting more and more frustrated every time I have to get out of the car, manually open the door via outdoor control panel, get back in the car, etc. I’m eager to move on from this. Anybody else using a comparable system that actually works reliably? Must be able to activate from Apple Watch and connect to HomeKit.

I use the Meross garage opener, mine is the old version so it does not support HomeKit (new one does) but I use Homebridge to access it through HomeKit. Works great and is cheap.

I added a MyQ to my ancient opener, and it’s worked fine.
But to your problem: what about just having a standard remote in the car?

Answering for myself and not the OP: I live on a hill with a 90 degree bend half way up and my house itself is up higher than my street (so a reasonably steeply sloped driveway). My garage doors are are single width, so very little room for error. In the winter on days when it’s snowed enough and before the plow comes through, making it into my garage means getting momentum, minimizing loss around the corners, shifting at the right time, and being absolutely certain that my garage door is already completely open, or I’m not going to make it inside. Under those circumstances waiting to be in range of the remote is often leaving it too late, so MyQ really helps with that.

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Not sure if that’s OP’s reason for using myQ, but if so, this (or similar) might be a solution:

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The one I was using that was original to the house stopped working, which is what prompted me to get the MyQ in the first place. Kinda just wanted to tinker with it. I had plans for a more involved home automation setup but between the thing getting increasingly flaky and not wanting to spend anymore money I bailed on the idea. There was something so delightfully Get Smart shoe-phone about using it from my watch, while it was actually working… made my day just a little more delightful every time, I miss it!

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We’ve had a LiftMaster opener for 3-4 years and the MyQ app has always worked well with it. I’m not sure if this is what you’re wanting to know.

My favorite feature of MyQ is the notification setting for when the door is left open for more than your specified amount of time or just checking to make sure “Did I close the garage door??”

I’ve had Tailwind for the last several years. It’s hard to recommend because it works until it doesn’t, and then it’s finicky to fix. The developer is also the primary customer support and his customer service skills are rather…developer-esque.

They had outage issues over the last year or so but those seem mostly to be resolved. To his credit, he’s added HomeKit support since I bought the product, which was great. Now I just use the home app and CarPlay and never open the Tailwind app.

If you really can’t find anything else it may be worth a look? I think this is one of those places in home automation where every option is just okay.