Myreach - another BASB app

I found another ‘free’ app, labelling themselves to help building a second brain. This is myReach, also mentioned on their web site :slight_smile:

In simple terms: myReach is Google for your stuff

myReach is a mobile App that works like your second brain… It keeps all your things (notes, websites, documents, contacts, etc.) at your fingertips, connected & easily reachable.

Can’t find an article you read last week? Tired of having 50 open pages on your browser?
myReach works as the all-in-one productivity tool that centralises all your digital information and stores it in a powerful graph database with a 3D visualiser…

currently it is free for new users but it could become a ‘freemium’ model.

I tried to read through their privacy policy and T&C but they are a bit fuzzy to me

Just want to check is there any users on this forum?

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I tried to create an account. But it keeps saying “something went wrong”

Me too. If they cant get the sign on process right…

did you use Google sign in or via email. I created an account using Fastmail masked email

I use Proton mail. I don’t know if this is an issue.

I was told the issue is now fixed, the team detected a minor bug just introduced during the last update


This looks interesting - the features are pretty much what I need, in fact, so I think they’re on to something.

Until they have a desktop version and an idea of future pricing it’ll be difficult to jump on, however.

Edit: Also… where/how is my information stored? Needs a Safari web clipper too.

I think this service needs a lot of work before it becomes attractive. This is both good and bad, good in the sense that they are listensing to user feedbacks (see the community forum. The bad is that I think the design of app (at least for iOS) started off with a wrong approach. It creates a lot of friction for users to quickly add notes and other media files on a mobile device. Hope they have a good team to turn this into a useable product.

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Good to Go! Thank you!