Naked Titanium iPhone?

In his most recent newsletter, @MacSparky wrote:

Titanium Matters

Even though the iPhone’s overall design hasn’t changed much, switching to titanium will be a big deal. In addition to making the phone lighter and less of a fingerprint magnet, I also think titanium is compelling for many consumers because it feels like an upgrade over stainless steel. I have a titanium Apple Watch, and after a year, I still find myself admiring the feel and texture of the metal. People are going to dig this.

My question is, “If you purchase a new iPhone and have, up to this point, used a case, will you go without a case now that the iPhone is partly titanium?”

Does this mean that the only part of the phone that can now crack is the screen - which you cannot protect anyway with a case?

Isn’t the back still glass? I wish I could use my phones naked, but I drop them about once a week. So far, my screens haven’t cracked. I suspect using a screen protector may have helped prevent screen cracking. But nothing is protecting the glass back when used without a case.

Edited: @TudorEynon posted after I did that the rim of the case may help protect the front glass. I think that’s right, and a factor–combined with using a screen protector–in why I haven’t broken my screen in years despite many drops.

This is my initial plan. I’ve used leather cases and I’m not going to the fine woven case. I think I’ll also get AppleCare for the first couple months as well…just in case (no pun intended :joy:).

I will have a tempered glass screen protector though, because it seems like whatever is in my pockets always scratches the screen.

I’m going to try and go caseless. I did buy the AppleCare though so my risk is mitigated. :wink:

I’ve experimented with case-less in the past.


I scratched the screen of my 4S when I put it in my pocket with my car keys. My right front pocket has been reserved for my iPhones ever since. So far no more scratches. :crossed_fingers:t2:


I have gone with a case quite often. I understood that the rim, as it were of a good case, does protect the screen and back? Was I wrong about that.

Mrs E. insists I use a case, I broke the screen on the last one, it was due for renewal, but… I will buy apple care next time though. Frankly I far prefer them without the case, I always did and found the case spoilt the aesthetics totally. I still think that.

I think one has to be systematic. I am now, of course there is that ‘one time’…


I prefer a minimum case for a better grip and to keep the screen from touching when face down.

I’ve used Totallee cases on my last two phones and really like them.


Wowsa I had no idea.

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Wraparound wallet cases exist, and do a fabulous job at protecting the screen when it’s not actively in use.

A case has a little lip which does protect the screen for 95% of drops.

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The front and back are the most fragile parts of the phone, not the frame.

I’d like to go caseless but only if I decide to buy AppleCare. I’m still on the fence.
In all these years using an iPhone, I cracked the screen only once.
I always used a case though.

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I doubt if it’s possible to know the real number but around 29% of people responding to surveys taken in the last few years say they have broken the screen of their iPhone.

My guess is the frame of our iPhones has always been the least likely item to be damaged.

I’ve been going ceaseless with my 13 Pro and have done so intermittently in the past so I’m going to continue with the 15 Pro. Apple has been making their recent phones so large that I find that a case makes them too bulky.

Ironic and (now, after time as passed) story: My wife always has her phone in a case, but that didn’t help much when she failed to notice that it had slipped out of her pocket while she was mowing the lawn and landed in a not yet mowed part… :laughing:

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Similar to the Torras case I use. Provides a better grip and protects the camera bump. Don’t get scratches on the screen because I don’t put it a pocket with other items. Phone in left pocket, keys and change in right.

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“change?” What is that? :rofl:


I could potentially believe that, but I would wager that frame damage is massively underreported as minor damage to the frame would seem to be most likely to be reflected as a shattered screen.

I would bet that frame damage is the least likely thing to be noticed. :slight_smile: