Naming MacSparky's new studio

@MacSparky asked for naming suggestions for his new studio. Given that his membership program is “MacSparky Labs” I think “The Lab” is the obvious choice for the new space.

What say you all?


Sparkle’s Lab


and subscribers are:




MacSparky Intergalactic Command Center

SparkWares Universe


Starbird Studios


Tatooine Theatre

Excellent suggestion - I think this fits perfectly.

Disney Lab

(here are some more characters …)

The Star Wars Cantina. (I don’t know what it is called. LOL!!! It reminds me of plenty of places in Chicago.)


The Lab isn’t bad, but wonder if we can do better.

So far I thought of “Sparky Studio” or “Spark Studio One” (which kind of reminds me of “Rogue One” from Star Wars).

It really feels like it needs an almost punny Star Wars-esque name.

Like the name of a Rebel Base? “Spark Station”?

I tried to combine “MacSparky” and “Cantina” but all I came up with is “MacTina” which sounds like it might require a complete lifestyle and wardrobe change.

The Lab is good … but isn’t that what Brett Terpstra calls his virtual playground?

The Cantina has a Sparkian ring to it, IMO.

I suggest Yoda language style

  1. Lab The Sparky

  2. Studio The Sparky

I’d say “Dagobah Labs”. Dagobah is where Luke had to go to finish training, and was also the place Luke had to face his fears.


these are all great. I don’t want to jinx things by picking a name until I at least get permission from the city to add a room onto the house. It would be really nice to have dedicated space built for the purpose of MacSparky work.


“Sparky Station”, like “Tosche Station”


I like “Sparkswood” from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

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Ignition Labs

It all starts with a Spark


The Matchbox

How about iLab in the good manner of iPad and iPhone

My first thought with “iLab” was “What if Apple made a dog? Some kind of retriever…” but that’s probably because my wife is obsesses with dogs, and it spills over.

But I think the “iWord” thing is mostly behind us, except for the iMac/iPhone/iPad.

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…or simply “Sparky Labs”?

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Please, don’t remind Apple - or the next generation of this stuff will just be called “Computer”, “Phone”, and “Tablet”. :smiley:

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