Naming of Sheep has Consequences

I was apprehensive about naming a sheep Bad Wolf a couple of years ago but he had particularly nice parents with very good attitudes so I thought it was worth a try.

Bad Wolf has a date with a freezer as soon as I can do it. He got me good on the knee from behind, then when I whacked him with the crook he came after me again and only climbing into the feeder kept me from another butt. So I’m counting it as his 2 and that’s it, he’s done for. He’s still got 6 days to stay in with his ewes then he comes out. He might get butchered then, depends. I’d rather wait and let him settle his hormones a bit but I won’t risk it if he’s still an issue.

So I’ve got an icepack on my knee and am trying to type one handed. Good news is I’m so slow it’s slightly more accurate.

I may regret naming one Boba Fett too. This past year all his lambs looked exactly like him and were rams. Not quite clones but they sure could be based on looks alone.


I’m always careful with the roosters… “Hagrid” has been a winner.


Yep, BTW bad roosters make lovely chicken stock. BTDT and I sure enjoyed eating them later in soups and stews.


I’m sorry for your knee, but now I feel bad Bad Wolf. (I know, farm animals and all that…)

Becoming dinner is the final job for all of our sheep. Some just move to that point faster than others. Without them going to the freezer I could not keep breeding them. We wouldn’t have their genetic diversity because without a job the breeders, especially of rare and less mainstream livestock, would stop. Then what happens to our food supply when the animal equivalent of the potatoe blight hits our incredibly narrow gene pool of domestic animals? Rare breeds like ours are critical for long term food security and the only way to keep them around it to keep using them for their primary purposes, which in our case and for our breed is meat first and wool a distant second.


A colleague of mine once answered my question about the names for his calves with … We don’t name dinner.

Play the eulogy Little Red Riding Hood when the time comes.



I love the Star Wars reference, it’d be even better if it was Jango instead of Boba.

It’s always more fun to name the stock. I named my show cattle back when I was in 4-H. It does make it a little harder when they show up at the dinner table sometimes unless like in your case they’ve been a pain their whole life.

Good luck with the knee.

Indeed, when I was on my father’s farm for eight years I had my own herd of about 36 Herefords each year that I raised from calves. Knowing they were destined for the dinner table I chose not to name them.


It is harder to eat what you know by name. :rofl:

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From Freefall


Man, that has me laughing out loud.:rofl:My EA is wondering what is going on and if I’m working! :grinning: For the record, I am just taking a short coffee break after starting at 6:30 today. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s even harder to eat something you DON’T know. I know and honor my food, all of it.


Just remember, if a spider web pops up near Bad Wolf saying “Some sheep!”, “Radiant”, or “Humble”, and you’re tempted not to make this one into dinner, it’s the spider that’s magic - not the sheep. :smiley:


He’s Bad Wolf from Dr. Who. Bad karma for sure it turns out. We discussed his demise tonight over a couple of beers. Decided he will probably go sooner rather than later and to all ground and made into sausage.

This reminds me of a story from some years ago. Friends bought a small farm that had a pond on it. They bought some ducklings for the pond and we’re trying to decide what to name them. Apparently my suggestions of Roast, Peking, and A La Orange were not appropriate.


I’m sorry. I just can’t get past “whatever were you thinking?”. How could it not turn out badly - unless, of course, you are needing to stock up on sausage!


Yeah I know. Which is why I automatically eliminated the options of Davros, Dalek, Darth anything, and am beginning to regret Draco as sheep names for 2021’s lambs.

Any suggestions for names that start wie E either to for sure include or for sure not. :grin:


These all seem safe enough:

  • Einstein (Albert)
  • Earhart (Amelia)
  • Elfman (Danny)
  • Eeyore (the donkey)
  • Elvis (Presley)


  • Eleven (take it up to)


  • Evil (anything)

Ouch! … Hope your knee gets better soon.

I grew up on a farm and animals can really do a number on a person – A friend who got into farming later in life had a cow take issue with her out of the blue and she (the friend) needed surgery.

The nerd side of me thought this post would be somehow related to this xkcd comic, “Exploits of a Mom” :slight_smile:


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Not Egnatius