NAS Boxes and Printer no longer available

I have 2 NAS boxes on my home network - Synology and Netgear and a printer. The printer is a HP LaserJet Pro 200 colour.
Here is the interesting thing.
I know there is nothing wrong with the NAS boxes or the printer because I can access these on my windows 10 and 11 boxes.
I can also access the NAS boxes and printer via IP address using my web browser. This is impossible on my MacBook [running the latest update of BigSur]
I am lost, any help will be appreciated. Thank you

At least for the Synology there is an App called “Synology Assistant” that should be able to find the Synology, and access them from a Mac.
How do you connect with your NAS from the Mac normally?

For my HP printer I ended up using ‘HP Smart’ (there’s an oxymoron if ever there was), to be able to connect to mine.

normally through the Pathfinder app for MacBook or finder. I used to be able to just pop the IP address of the box into Brave browser.

So the problem is not on the SMB/AFP Layer, but you can’t reach the NAS through the browser?
Have you changed, as recommended as far as I remember by Synology, the Port of the Diskstation-GUI?
Maybe you are using the wrong (Standard?) Port on that?

Are you sure you’re on the same network?
Maybe your laptop is connecting to a different WiFi, or you’ve connected it with a cable?

Has another DHCP server come online (e.g. Pihole) on your network that might be giving out incorrect addresses?

I also noted that I could not ping any of my other boxes on my local network from the MacBook, not even the router.
Thanks to all those who chipped in.
I have resolved the issue.
I recently subscribed to a VPN service called Mullvad VPN.
Out of interest, I checked the settings in the preferences section.
The local network sharing option was set to ‘off’ :wink:
I have flipped it on and can now see my NAS drives and printer.

Often it is just a little click, that makes the differences between an working Apple, and an Obelisk… :wink: