Need a decent optical drive - any recommendations?

So, I find myself unable to access a file that (probably) is still on of my old CD-RW backup disks. I currently don’t have access to any computer with an optical drive anymore.

I am looking for one that will allow me to read and play back CDs, standard DVDs (not Blueray) and access data written to CD-R or DVD-R data disks. USB connected of course and it don’t need to be very fancy. Will connect it to my iMac 27. What would be reasonable to get today? Is the Apple USB SuperDrive still the thing to get or would there be other good options?


Anything from a reputable brand will do. Asus, LG, HP. The Apple one is - like everything Apple - overpriced and doesn’t offer anything that the others don’t.
I personally wouldn’t spend more than $50 or you local equivalent. Preferably even less.

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I use this one… - only $25 (€30 where I live) and no problems reading my old disks. Better than paying $80 for the Apple one.

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So I have the apple one and have been using it a lot lately, it’s fine but not worth it. This is definitely a buy by the spec sheet kinda purchase.

Just noting that I have the Apple one too, and while it’s very pretty and thin my one gripe with it is that the cable is (a) rather short, and (b) not replaceable. So you’re either limited by the length of the cable, or stuck using a USB extender.

And I agree with the posters above that the cheap ones tend to work just as well. :slight_smile:

These drives are actually not “the cheap ones”. The Apple drive is “the expensive one”. ::slight_smile: Most components for optical drives - either hifi or computer - are pretty much generic and cost next to nothing. An exception to this are the power supply and audio circuitry in audio cd-players. That’s where the differences show.

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Thanks all!

I got myself a cheap Asus drive, and it works just fine for my needs.


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