Need a new scanner

First time, long time here. Recently had my 1.5yr old Epson ES-200 stop working properly. After troubleshooting with Epson support, they said I could take it in for support (300+ miles away) or buy a new one.

I’m looking for new scanner options as I need one to keep my paperless workflow going. Ideally it would be < $200 but I’ve always had my eye on the iX500. However recently I’ve seen people stating it doesn’t work with Catalina (is that true?). Wire cutter suggest a Brother scanner but I haven’t heard of anyone using it.

Any and all suggestions or thoughts are welcomed! Ideally picking one up or ordering today. Thanks!

We’ve actually discussed this a few times; check the search bar. Here’s a thread from the beginning of the year:

And another:

Best of luck.


After reading those threads, it doesn’t seem anyone landed anywhere particular.

??? :slight_smile:

Some MPUs went for the new one from Fujitsu.

Others bought a scanner from Brother.

Some bought a scanner from Epson.

Some users did not buy anything and bought software that enables them to keep on using their old scanner like ExactScan or VueScan.

Others switched to scanning using their iPhone and use apps like Prizmo or Scanner Pro.

I do not think that there is a definitive answer for everybody to buy or not buy a particular scanner/app! :slight_smile:

The threads @bowline has linked to contain a lot of suggestions, doubts, opinions… :wink: There are even more threads and opinions all over the place. “We MPUs” definitely are engaged in the topic of scanning and scanners… :laughing:

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As I suggested, use the search bar. You’ll find in other threads that more than a few landed on Brother, following the suggestions of the NYTimes-owned Wirecutter site. It might be a bit too much to expect overwhelming support for one model or workflow. But there are a few good options and discussions here (and places like Reddit) which might help you make an informed decision. Best of luck.

Why not getting an all-in-one printer? New printers have great scanners and also can print :slight_smile:

But watch out! I’ve got a ScanSnap but also a Brother AIO, DCP-L2540DW. I just got a new one for my wife, the newest model DCP-L2550DW. I was shocked to find it doesn’t work as a scanner except using Brother software. See the thread Scanner incompatibilities with Catalina, and, no, not ScanSnap! The stand-alone Brother scanners don’t suffer from this feature omission.

Thanks for the warning. My Canon AIO works :slight_smile:

Current Scansnap Scansnap scanners work with Catalina

Printers are a painpoint in our house. I do not want to manage them nor set it up. The wife is a lawyer and thinks she needs them but I refuse and force a paperless workflow.

Because it’s very hard to find an all in one that’s not an ink jet. I have given up on ink jets and only use laser printers anymore.

I can’t run Catalina since my Mac is too old so both my S1500 and S1100 continue to work. If I replace it, it looks like the 1100 is compatible with the Fujitsu home software.

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Sorry if I keep repeating myself recommending Brother color laser multi function machines. These things work great.

Brother Mfc-L3770CDW Color All-in-One Laser Printer with Wireless, Duplex Printing and Scanning, Black - scroll down to the “Purchase” where the deficits of all in ones are discussed unforgettably. My HP “nothing to” Envy all in one refuses to print on photo paper for example.

My last HP inkjet printer also wouldn’t print on the 5x7 photo paper loaded in the special tray. We’ve tossed all of our inkjets out now, just use B&W lasers. Print photos at Costco.

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