Need a quality USB 3 hub, 5+ ports

I have a Sabrent hub that fulfills my needs in theory, but it is unreliable, and just started a death rattle (metaphorical) because I tried to charge my iPad with minimal other devices plugged in. Power connector has been flaky since day one.

Anyone have a recommendation for a reliable USB 3 hub capable of supporting a keyboard, SSD, USB 3 to Ethernet+Hub (nothing else connected to this). And preferably, one that doesn’t have to be babied to wake up properly from laptop sleep?

I use this Anker hub with my iMac.

It’s worked well for me so far.


I have one of these as well. It’s plugged into my iMac and fastened to the bottom of my desk using a couple of velcro straps. Works like a charm!


Wow… that looks awesome…

I’m wondering if it having one USB-C port will have enough bandwidth to handle seven devices connected to one USB-C hub. I think that things like trackpads, mouse, and keyboard don’t take up that much bandwidth.

I can feel my little USB-C hub (3 USB 3 ports, HDMI, memory card reader) getting very warm when attached to my MBP.

Thanks for the suggestions!
I went a different way.

It has a one year warranty, and looks like a quality device. Hopefully that will prove to be true. It also looks like they know USB

The Anker/Sabrent/etc. that have products that look alike, save for branding (I.e. made in the same factories), seem to be hit and miss for quality.

Thanks again!

Well, this USB Gear hub is one of those annoying ones that have to have the power cycled for the attached drives to mount.
I wonder if there is a “recheck the usb attachments a whole bunch” command that would be able to find the drives?

I have one too and it’s been great.