Need a way to collect information from Sales team

Right now we use Google Forms to collect information from our Sales team when they book webinars with clients. They fill out 20 or so questions and submit it. The issue is that it’s hard to search through the information among all the forms. I’d like to be able to quickly search a client’s name and pull up their booking information! Does anyone have a better way to submit/organize all this info?

Spreadsheets aren’t a great option because there are no notifications when there are new bookings and the Google Forms are simple to fill out (no way for someone to put something in the wrong column).

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If I understand right you want an easier way to look at Forms CRM data. SutiCRM has a free tier you might want to look at.

You might also want to check out this article:

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Airtable allows you to create fillable forms that then appear in a table. Tables can have different views, depending on what you want/need to see.

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+1 for airtable! Very flexible and should work very well for this usecase