Need Ad-blocker recommendations for Apple ecosystem (iOS, macOS)

Looking for ad blocker recommendation, primarily for iOS (started using Safari on iPhone). I only heard about AdGuard, is it good? Shall I pay for the lifetime license?

Any other recommendations?

Been using uBlock origin on Brave and it’s a top notch blocker and CSS modifier. Love it so much, as it helps me remove useless content, empty blocks, and banners from webpages.

PS: Don’t want to setup a DNS or something similar. Still want a bit of control which ublock origin gives me

I just use Adguard free version for long, so far so good.


I also use AdGuard (combined with NextDNS), but the lifetime Pro version.

Tip: the lifetime option is regularly on sale on StackSocial, including right now:

I have used Purify on iOS for several years.


I am using AdGuard for Safari (free) and AdGuard Pro on iOS. I’ve got the lifetime stack social deal, but I’ve decided against the full AdGuard solution on macOS, as I don’t like the fact it’s creating a local VPN. As an alternative to DNS level blocking, I’ve installed a profile from my DNS of choice (ControlD).

Currently, I’m also giving 1Blocker a shot, I like the fact that it syncs my whitelist via iCloud across all devices. I am a legacy user, and grandfathered to the cheapest plan which works out about £5 annually.

I use a combination of Banish, StopTheMadness, and Magic Lasso, all of which have paid and (I believe) free tiers.

That is what I have used for years. Ages ago there was some round up, that I believe Daring Fireball linked to, comparing the speed and results of various blockers, and this was the top one. $5 a year on desktop/iOS sync and I never think about it, which is what I want in a blocker. Although I will say that in the last year I get a lot more of the “subscribe to our newsletter” popups from sites and I don’t know if that is a failure of 1Blocker or not.

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It might have to do with whether you’ve enabled annoyances blocklists etc.

Thanks, but they are blocked. I figured sites are just better about getting around them. And then there is the cookie popups.

That said, I use Arc more than Safari (and I use Vavaldi a lot on Windows), so I am should probably blame Arc’s blocker more than anything else.

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The free version of AdBlock works fine for me in Safari on iOS and Mac. uBlock Origin is great and I use it in Firefox and Arc, but I removed it from Brave and Vivaldi because their native ad blockers work just as well.

One drawback to 1Blocker is I can’t choose items to block in Safari. Selecting the 1Blocker extension icon loads a separate Safari-based blocklist manager app.

Two problems here:

  • the separate app doesn’t have the other extensions I’m using, so it’s working in a different state
  • separate app is dark mode only with thin type so very difficult to read

(My first Mac had 512k & an external disk drive — my eyes are old!)

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Does 1Blocker work with uBlock filters, and others filter lists?

Can it block webpage elements like adguard and ublock. In the free version, it opens up a new window within the 1Blocker environment to select the elements, which is weird. Not sure about the premium version.


I don’t believe so, and I just went and looked and don’t see a way to change it. That said, I don’t ever mess with it. I set it up years ago and have just left it. I don’t ever think about it an forget it’s there.

I haven’t used those so I don’t know. It can block comments, social media widgets, adult sites, cookie notifications, regional ads (i.e. block Russian ads).

Second the 1Blocker recommendation. I bought it as a one time purchase and while I wasn’t thrilled it went subscription, $5/year isn’t bad and the dev gave me a year on the subscription for having purchased it before.

It’s one of the few that works on all my Apple devices and had a VisionOS app on day one.

An honorary mention to Wipr too

I think it isn’t good. Overall it’s a great extension but not being able to hide elements on a page is a deal breaker.

What elements do you mean exactly?

This is from an iPad:

elements=html from the page. Like a specific useless banner, sidebars, a button etc.

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