Need an app to rate metrics 1x/day

Working with a doctor on some medical things, and once per day, I need to:

  • Rate a few different aspects of my day on a scale from 1 to 10 (the endpoints are arbitrary, but 1-10 makes sense), and be able to view historical data - ideally as a graph
  • Have a little place to scribble notes if I want to (optional but highly desired)
  • Ideally have this app fire off at a given time to remind me (but I can do that with Due if necessary)

Is there some app that can do this easily? I know I could theoretically build a DataView plugin with Obsidian or use a Numbers sheet or something, but I’m kind of hoping for something where it’s just an easy little interface that handles all of that for me.


Depending on what you’re tracking, Apple Health might already have a category for it. There’s a bunch in there — page through the “Browse” tab, particularly the “Symptoms” section.

Edit: no ability to add descriptive data though, shoot.


Can write a shortcut that collects the data you want and stores it in Apple Health, Numbers or even a text file. You can run the shortcut from an iOS home screen button or have it just prompt you at some time.

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I’m a fan of Exist.

By combining manual tracking with automatic syncing from other services, we can help you understand and optimise your behaviour.

Track whatever you like. Bring your activity from your phone or fitness tracker, add other services like your calendar for greater context on what you’re up to, and manually enter anything else you care about.


Ah, thank you thank you. I’d been trying to remember this app since @webwalrus asked yesterday. Brain is peaceful now. :slight_smile:

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