Need AppleTV app to browse & play Google drive family videos

I have a bunch of family videos in on a shared Google drive and I am looking for a video player that can browse the folders and stream the videos on my AppleTV.

On my my Mac, iPad, & iPhone I am using nPlayer. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it works well. Unfortunately they don’t have an AppleTV version.

Any suggestions?

I have apps called FileBrowser (iOS) and File Explorer Pro (Apple TV). They are made by different companies but similar enough I had to verify they weren’t the same product. In iOS, I connect directly to Google Drive and OneDrive, but on the Apple TV I connect to the Mac host and can access the files from the system folders, to include the Google Drive sync folder, on the Mac. I have a 2010 iMac that serves as a file storage machine, so they are always available (as long as the iMac hasn’t turned off from a power outage or something). May not be the solution you’re looking for but it works well for our situation.

Can Infuse see your Google Drive folder and play from there?

Plex could also do this and my non-techie wife has been very happy with it on our Apple TV.
Or has she just been happy because it has Doctor Who on it?

As mentioned by @geoffaire, you can link Google drive to Infuse, you just need to do it initially from another device. Then it will sync.