Need good app for itemizing expense receipts

I’m wondering if anyone can suggest an app that will help itemize business receipts with multiple categories on them. For example, an amazon receipt that contains both hard drive (hardware) and printer ink (supplies) purchases. Currently I do all this by hand but it is somewhat tedious and I’d love to automate it with a program that can learn based on certain keywords. But just being able to break receipts up into different categories vs having to stick with one would be great.

I know I could place separate orders based on categories but i try to bundle shipping as much as possible and maximize credit card points.

Look into Expensify on iOS, I hear its great. I had an employee use it when I managed expense reports for a large corporation. Not sure if one receipt can have multiple categories though, but it would be somewhere to start.

yeah unfortunately I don’t think expensify has that feature, and I think most expense apps don’t do that (wave, the new MS spend, quickbooks, etc). That’s what i’m specifically looking for.

That stinks, the only other option would be to use something similar to Evernote or even the Files app on iOS. You could scan in the document and attach tags to it. As many as you want lol