Need help creating a Hazel Rule for a very unique application called Movie Splitter

I’m using a unique piece of software called Movie Splitter to split a large, nine-hour .mp4 movie file into about 75 smaller ones.

My problem is: every time a smaller movie file is created, it is created within a new subfolder that was created by the software itself. I’m given an option to name that newly created subfolder where my video file is placed. The new video file, on the other hand, gets the default name of the source file with an added “custom section” tag as part of the name. Therefore, what I’m currently doing manually is the following:

  • Moving the small video file out of the subfolder it was created in and into the folder 1 level up to where I’m keeping all the small files
  • Rename the video file to what the folder it was in was originally called (Because I named it)
  • And deleting the now empty subfolder

Is there a way to make Hazel

  1. Watch for a subfolder being created within the folder being monitored
  2. Move the movie file within that subfolder 1 level up to the folder being monitored
  3. Renaming the file using a pattern
  4. Deleting the now empty subfolder from within the folder being monitored

Maybe this?

N.b. On my phone without glasses lol