NEED HELP...looking for an app (or maybe chatbot) for son's high school project

Okay…reaching out because I need help…

My son (junior in HS) is looking for a way to make a simple decision tree (aka flow chart) that is active. It’s for a school project in his homeland security class.

I know there are many ways to make a decision tree, but none I have found can make an active one.

The decision tree (named Go No Go) is for first responders for when they appear on a scene, to help them determine if the scene is safe for them to enter (I’m a former first responder, and there is a need for this)…

He wants the first responder to be able to use his/her iPhone and answer a question, get a response, then another question, get an answer…etc. Until he/she is led to the decision that the scene is safe.

Neither he nor I are coders…so I was hoping there was an app in which we could create the interactive decision tree in an app, and then use it (within the creating app) on a iPhone.

Or is it possible, since the list of questions are not long, that this could be done with a chatbot?

Any/all suggestions super duper greatly appreciated.


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This might do it. If not, search for online expert system.

A coding option is Pythonista.
I’m new to python, so can’t help further than that.

As a simple solution, you could use PowerPoint with “Actions” feature, which are hyperlinks. Example: 1st slide has a question and 2 responses, “Yes” and “No”. If you click on “Yes”, it goes to Slide 2 while “No” goes to Slide 3, and so forth. You can also do this in Keynote. If you have SetApp, Hype can do this with more difficulty. Here is a link to the “quick and dirty” ppt show and the original ppt file.!ArkBqlCOC9vfgYcZBd7lrc6PkIeWgg


This is basically hyperlinking. A website could do this with just html.

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The other possibility might be Shortcuts? It sounds like the actions needed would be pretty straightforward (Ask For Input, If statements) but the only things I would note are:

  • You don’t get a very good visual representation of the “tree” if needed. I’m sure it’s possible to do something, though. Off the top of my head, you could create a Mindnode document for example ( Or you could use a similar text-based representation generated at the same time (maybe with bold for the selected option), which meets the “in-app” requirement.

  • I’ve found nested conditionals in Shortcuts fairly cumbersome to keep track of so if things are complex this could get messy fast…but you say the list is not long so maybe this isn’t an issue!

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My two cents worth, coming from a use-to-be third tier “Response Group”, (those that the bad guys don’t want to see there).

First. There IS a GREAT need for this.

Second. It needs to be locally loaded and simple. Utilities could very easily be unavailable on scene, so a WIFI that is there could be out, and we all know that take one step left or right, and your cellular internet connection could be dropped, so that’s not a option.

Third. It should be hands free, voice activated. You NEVER want to take your eyes off of the scene to look at something else. Ever.

Forth. It needs to operate in dark mode. A cellphone screen lighting up your face, or the area that you are in, makes a easy target.

Thanks alll for your suggestions…and thanks Ricky for the usage insights. All are very helpful, and appreciated.

After some testing we decided to mock up a prototype in PPT, and use Active Buttons. If that passes muster, then a shortcut might work.

The concept of making it as helpful and functional as possible will require a different tool than ppt (like the function of verbal and local).

Thanks, and I’ll put up the prototype when we get it rolling.

You all Rock!