Need info on mobile hotspots with bandwidth for video confs, etc

My friend and her husband are thinking of renting a house in a secluded area where they can hunker down and get work done. Unfortunately, the house doesn’t have WiFi.
Their current phone data and bandwidth are probably too limited.

This is out of my area of expertise.
Any suggestions?

Options are drying up as various vendors discontinue unlimited or high data plans. I’m using an AT&T plan from a reseller called Boom that gives me 400gb per month. They discontinued the plan for new subscribers on July 1. A good source of information is Mobile Internet Resource Center for people in boats and RVs.

Very important to verify speed and service quality at the house. It can vary greatly.

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That looks like a great resource. Thanks!

Verizon has on offer an unlimited plan.

The risk with “secluded areas” is coverage. Even advertised coverage can suck in reality. A relative lives 20 miles from Chapel Hill in an area shown by Verizon as having strong coverage. In reality there is no coverage by Verizon or anyone else.

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Check out unlimited ville:

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