Need new Omnifocus 4 shortcut

Not sure why after getting new iPhone with OS 17 my OF shortcut is no longer working, but I rely on this daily… As shown in screenshot, my previous shortcut was to add a task, with a default project (single action), ability to select defer and/or due dates, and to toggle flag. Any help on getting this set up again MUCH appreciated!

The recent blog post has an explanation about Omni attempting to track down a bug with JavaScript.

Earlier, I mentioned that users using Omni Automation on mobile devices may wish to hold off upgrading. Late in the iOS/iPadOS beta cycle, a memory issue was introduced in Apple’s JavaScriptCore framework which can (but doesn’t always) trigger crashes when JavaScript code is used in an app. Since Omni Automation plug-ins and scripts are all written in JavaScript, this can cause our apps to crash any time they load or run code from those plug-ins and scripts. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough to be bothersome.

We’ve consulted with Apple about this intermittent JavaScript crash, and hope it gets resolved soon. In the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do other than to stop using JavaScript—i.e. to disable plug-ins and scripts. Thus, if Omni Automation plug-ins or scripts are core to your iOS or iPadOS workflow, you may wish to hold off upgrading at least one device until this issue is fixed. Alternatively, you can run your Omni Automation plug-ins on macOS since this bug is not present there.

We’re confident that Apple will address the intermittent JavaScript crash, and overall we’re still utterly thrilled about the improvements in these three new operating systems. We’ve been enjoying interactive widgets ourselves over the summer, and are glad to be sharing them with those of you in the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight today.

Thanks for the quick reply… I’m a bit embarrassed, but whatever was going on seems to have been fixed by a simple iPhone reboot. Obviously should have done that first! (I guess I lose a star as a “power user” :sweat_smile:)

May or may not be related: I could not get Reminders import into OmniFocus 4 to engage when selecting it in the Settings menu. I’m on iOS 17.0.2 and this is the first I’ve seen of it. Rolling back, five TestFlight versions, enabling it, and then upgrading to latest fixed it.