Need Paperless Help

  1. I have a problem in that Hazel sends my OCR’d documents to the last folder from the last rules that I set up rather than the current folder the present rules are telling it to go to. Not sure if there is some sort of hidden rule that the last place is the best place! (Going crazy).

  2. The ScanSnap Settings “Scan to Folder” setting always brings up a naming page I wish to skip. But can’t find out where to skip it.

Trying to follow David’s workflow outlined in his Paperless book but not being very successful. Thanks for any help.

Any Hazel screenshots to share?

  1. Click on the eye symbol and you can see what rules are matched by each file.
  2. It will always bring up a dialog allowing you to change the file name and/or destination folder, as well as
    give you a chance to preview and abort if it doesn’t look right.
  1. Take screenshots of hazel rule to post to forum and/or also use “eye” icon to preview which rules are matching to help you troubleshoot (as others have already commented)

  2. Try to see if this gets you your desired behavior: Instead of using “Scan to Folder” setting, use “None(scan to file)” on Application tab of Settings. Then, on the Save tab, specify the folder you want all your scans to go into and uncheck the “Rename file after scanning” button.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your help, all. The ScanSnap suggestion below took care of the unwanted file naming option. Hazel continues to dumbfound me. It makes the color of label purple (instead of the chosen orange) and puts it in a completely different folder hierarchy, so Move to folder Mountain Bank it does not obey either. The naming and subfolder are correct.

Here is the little “eye” file.

The “eye” button I was referring to is the one that previews which rules are being matched (see screenshots).

You can also go to the rule itself and use the Preview button to test your rule against the actual file:


Maybe you have already done these things but just wanted to be clear what I was suggesting.

Hope that helps.