Need real-time help with Luna display in Mac -> iPad mode

Is there a Luna DIsplay user here that would be willing to do a short Facetime call with me? (ASAP too)

I’m just not able to get Luna DIsplay configured so that I can have Mac apps visible on my ipad and Mac at the same time?

I’m in the Pacific time zone and could use your help right away.
I’m trying to debug a software issue and need a second monitor, which I just can’t get going with Luna

I can see the Mac desktop on the ipad, but can’t keep the mac display on my Mac and ipad at the same time. The tutorials on just dont cut it.

Is it normal for the Alt-tab window switcher on the Mac to appear on the ipad?


After finally getting a reply from LunaDisplay tech support, they suggested that I uncheck “Displays have separate spaces” in Preferences/Mission Control.
Well, that option was already unchecked, so I checked it, logged out then back in.

Now, my Luna Display is finally useable I can put whichever screen on the ipad as well as keep the desired screens on the Mac.