Need rec: software to convert video FROM mp4 to avchd

I recently picked up a DVD player that will only play AVCHD files from the flash drive. . .but none of my tools (M1 Air) will convert to that format. . .help?

My gut instinct is that ffmpeg can probably do this, because I haven’t found a video/audio format conversion it can’t do, but I’m not finding any specific online documentation for it right now. May be worth looking into but no guarantee, will update if I find a useful how-to article.

The wikipedia page for ffmpeg says:

FFmpeg includes an AVCHD decoder in its libavcodec library that is used for example by ffdshow

but it doesn’t mention an encoder (at least that I can see).

Ah yeah. ffmpeg may not be the answer here, then…


I was going to recommend you have a look at Permute, which does a lot of conversions (not sure about avchd). Their website seems to be down at the moment.

Thanks for the Permute recommendation. . .I don’t see AVCHD as an option for exporting, sadly. It is a beautiful app and one I’d buy instantly if AVCHD was an option.

As a side effect to the ffmpeg comment. . .I went deep into Wikipedia (which I should have done in the first place, I realize now!) and found a list of software that potentially will handle this task. Most of it is Windows only but one open source tool seems to be worth checking out: Open Shot Video Editor. Any watch-outs on that one?

It seems to be a format people want to convert from rather then to.

Have you looked at VLC?

This is really the only thing I’ve found (no experience).

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