Need Recommendations for Email Host

Presently have GoDaddy for our business email host. Looking for a good alternative and appreciate any ideas. Paying $96 a year for unlimited storage and 5 available accounts. Will it be a total pain to back up the account and move it to another host?
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AHi Gary,

Moving email is not that difficult, it just takes a bit of time. I’ve done migrations and you can easily switch the domain and transfer over the emails in less than a day.

However, GoDaddy are an excellent host. There are cheaper alternatives for sure but a lot do not have the same level of support. I use GoDaddy too for business accounts and I’ve never had a day of downtime or any problems in years.

Do not go the Gsuite route, they lost three years of emails on one of my business email addresses that my employer provided due to a bug in their database, and they couldn’t even recover backups.

Thanks for your input.

I use GSuite and haven’t had any issues. That being said, I agree it is easy to move around providers.

I use Hover for my domain hosting and they are AMAZING because I’ve jacked up my MS records before moving between services. Now when I need to switch services, if I’m confused I just ask Hover techs to do it for me and they never have a problem doing it. It’s great customer service.

As far as e-mail providers, I’ve bounced between Google, Microsoft, Fastmail, and back to Google. I don’t LOVE the idea of Google having my stuff but their systems seem to be the most rock-solid, and their spam filtering is unmatched. Super easy to set up and run.

Google G-Suite or MS Office 365

Godaddy is the worst and they hold your email and domain hostage. Its a nightmare to export your email out. But worth the efford to get out off their choke hold.

What, email clients don’t work with them? :wink:

I like And use FastMail.


I am also using Fastmail and am quite happy with their service.

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Happy customer of FastMail since 2004.

Been a Fastmail user for six years. Top notch organization… Good security and leading edge technology. No problem using my domain which is on Hover. Importing email was straight forward.

I should have added the main reason I switched from Fastmail may not apply to everyone. For some reason, all of the sudden, I could not send e-mail from my work domain to my personal e-mail address. This meant I was missing a lot of e-mails being sent from my work to my home e-mail for various reasons.

I worked with Fastmail (they were totally cool about it), but they couldn’t figure out the problem, which meant it was likely on the sending end (no surprise AT ALL with the state of my work’s IT department). I couldn’t risk e-mails not making it through to me, but also have no way to really fix it on the sending end. So I was forced to switch.

As I mentioned in a similar post. Office 365 is a great email service, and you get office and OneDrive on top of that.


Happily paying Fastmail customer since 2002.

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I’ve migrated several accounts from Godaddy to Microsoft and there was never a problem. They didn’t have any problem transferring the domain, and transferring emails is childsplay, I didn’t need any help. At least they’ve never lost years worth of business emails and have not been able to recover them, like Google with Gsuite did for me last year.

I know some folks hate them but GoDaddy is working fine for me. I also have a business account with a bunch of additional domains on it and the tech support is flawless. I really like that I can get to someone with the real power to help who will stick with me until it’s fixed, no matter how long it takes. Even just hanging out on the phone while we were waiting for some long downloads to complete that (pre fiber based Internet) took over an hour. Had a nice long conversation on Sci Fi books and sheep farming with the tech guy. :slight_smile: I have moved domains and email in and out from them and never had an issue.

Echoing my posts in the three or four other threads on this topic: Happily a FastMail user for… longer than I can remember, at least 5 years.

Like others, happy customer of Fastmail for two domains for many years.

Another vote for fastmail. I moved over a year ago from 1&1 - which was okay but it was an exchange host, so a bit expenseive for not real benefit.

Happy Fastmail user for several years here as well.