Need shortcuts help with naming receipts - choose from list


I regularly get massage and chiropractic services and save my receipts to iCloud

I usually save names for the receipts of each services manually but I want to have a shortcut do some of the work for me

What I’d like is to take the PDF receipt from email an share it to shortcuts and perform the following actions,

  • Choose from a list,
  1. Massage
  2. Chiro
  • Name the file

“current date - Shane Massage Receipt.pdf”
“current date - Shane Chiro Receipt.pdf”

So far I haven’t gotten it to do what I want and am lost

I have attached what I have so far and would appreciate and help or modification and share a link back to me to learn what you did and use for future tinkering in shortcuts

Thanks in advance

The problem is that you’re using a menu, not a list. A menu is saying “if I choose A do these actions”, where as a list is “if I choose A give me A”.

I wrote about this here:

Here’s the Shortcut for you:


Ok thanks rosemary.

When I tried running a PDF through it the file that came out wasn’t the PDF receipt with the new name it was this text file with either the word Chiro or massage in it

Sorry new link I accidentally deleted it

Sorry, I forgot to grab the file back!

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Ah of course that’s excellent thank you rosemary😄