Need some advise on purchasing a DVD/CD writer

One issue with MPU is that I frequently binge listen to a few episodes back to back to back… I have literally pulled off the highway to take notes on what Katie and David were saying. Maybe back in August of 2016, I listened to MPU #126 that featured special guest Shawn Blanc. The eposode centered around creating, using and maitaining a home servers. At the time I was new to the Tech Scene and what I was hearing blew me away.

Me and the family is looking to do a renovation on the house and step one will be cleaning out the basement aka the pit of despair. I have a lot of classic DVDs (Non-Blu Ray), and CDs. I recently purchased the LG Ultra Slim DVD Writer but I’m not too impressed.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Apple still sells the Super Drive.

I’m still running the Apple USB SuperDrive that I got with my original generation MacBook Air.

I have been using my wife’s 2010 Mac Book Pro, which had like a dozen ports and an internal CD-R drive. I guess I’m wondering how long it will take to rip a DVD. I assume I want the fastest my local Micro Center said this one would be good but I feel I should ask around

I used a 2006 MacBook, running Lion I think, for this, in 2013-2015. It worked fine. Rather than worrying about speed (which I’d guess was about 30% of run time for a typical DVD), I just did the ripping here and there while I was working on other things on other devices. If you don’t think of it as a task that needs to get done urgently, speed and performance don’t really matter much, and you can get by with the tech at your disposal.


I’m using an Apple SuperDrive to read and write all my CDs that I use for backups of photos.

Keep in mind on some Macs, you may have to go through some pretty fiddly steps in order to make the external Apple SuperDrive work.

Yes, that’s another reason I think just using the old laptop will be the best option.

When I got my first optical drive-less iMac I bought an external tray-loading drive from OWC. Not only do I rip my DVDs/CDs I’ve got a small business selling some software on CDs so I needed to be able to burn disks reliably.
It’s no longer sold but looks like but mine has a plastic housing and the current one has an aluminum housing.

I didn’t like the idea of the superdrive because I didn’t want a bus powered drive and I don’t like slot loading because of the risk of scratching.