Need suggestion for lavalier microphone

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive lavalier microphone for use with Zoom meetings using an iPad Pro 11" (USB-C connector)?

For Zoom meetings the iPad Pro image quality using the built-in camera is excellent; much better than that of my 2014 iMac. I would like to improve the sound quality by using a lavalier mic. This does not need to be a wireless mic. A wired mic with a 6-foot wire would be fine.

I tried this mic from Amazon:
This mic did not work, even though it came with a USB-C adapter. (Yes, I know the description specified Android, but this was the only mic I found that came with a USB-C adapter.) Could this mic work if certain settings were changed in the iPad Pro?

Budget? Here’s some that work with iOS (the Rode has a great free app that works with theirs), from $35-$250

  • Audio-Technica Consumer ATR3350XiS
  • Rode smartLav+
  • Apogee Electronics ClipMic
  • Shure MOTIV MV88+