Need to Add a lot of people into contacts as quick as possible

I have about 50 new contacts that need to be added to Apple Contacts. Is there a faster way to bulk add a bunch of people. I guess I’m trying to avoid all the clicking that goes on in adding a contact.

Fastest way is to load the names into a worksheet, export to CSV, and import that into Contacts with File > Import…. The import dialog asks how you want to map the column names in the .csv file to contact card fields in Contacts.



Excel to vcf/vCard


If you still need to enter the data from scratch the natural language input feature of Cardhop might help.


For 50 names, addresses and phone numbers? :flushed: Much easier to put everything into a db/spreadsheet format, check it over, and export to vCard.


Thanks everyone. I’ll let you all know how it goes! Appreciate it!!!

How did it go? Hope it went smoothly

Haven’t tried it yet. I’ll give it a go at work this week and report back.