Need to Convert Webm video to Mov What Should I Use?

I need to convert a Webm video to Mov format. What should I use on a silicon MBP?

The ā€˜pineapple iconā€™ app :slight_smile: :pineapple:


I use Permute from Charlie Monroe, the developer of Downie.


+1 for Permute. It is available on Setapp.

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I was going to recommend Permute too. :slight_smile:

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I have done a webm conversion to MP4 yesterday (3 hour HD video):

My first try was using Permute. When I was watching the Permute MP4, I noticed that the picture quality was not great sometimes, starting at about one hour into the video. I checked the webm version: no issues there. Then I used HandBrake to repeat the conversion: the MP4 was just fine, no visible differences between the webm source and the MP4. Another thing I noticed: HandBrake was using all cores of my M2 CPU to do the conversion, Permute did not (according to iStat Menus). I may just have had bad luck with this particular conversionā€¦ :person_shrugging: