Need to download older versions of OSX

I am in the middle of moving my shop and can’t access my drives with the downloads of the old version of OSX. Now I need to reinstall 10.10 on an old iMac with a new drive. Of course I installed and upgraded to 10.6.8 to get the App Store but can’t log with my Apple ID because 2FA doesn’t work. App specific password doesn’t do the trick either. Even an other older Apple ID without 2FA enabled doesn’t allow me to download the previous version of OSX.

To be clear, in the current version of the App Store under Mojave with my own Apple ID non of the old versions of Mac OS are available for download so I can create an install USB drive using Diskmaker X.

Any one out there who can share a download of 10.7 with me?

If I’m not mistaken, if you enter your admin password + your 2FA key without space, you should be able to log into your Apple ID on older device. The MacObserver talked about this recently so I’m giving credit where it’s due;-)

Lion, in particular, can be purchased still:

Interesting, I will give it a try !

Thanks but I am not planning to pay $19.99 while it was for free on the App store…

If you have mas installed, you can try:

mas install 444303913

to install Lion. That’s assuming that there was a “Purchase” associated with your Apple ID.

While I’m at it, might as well make a list all the OSes and their ID numbers:

OS X Lion (444303913)

OS X Mountain Lion (537386512)

OS X Mavericks (675248567)

OS X Yosemite (915041082)

OS X El Capitan (1018109117)

macOS Sierra (1127487414)

macOS High Sierra (1246284741)

macOS Mojave (1398502828)

I’ve put this together at in case anyone wants to link to it for others’ reference.