Neither PMSet or Power Manager keep my Mac Awake


I am on a M2 Max Mac studio running macOS Sonoma Version14.2.1.


I’m trying to run several automations that use the scheduling feature of various automation apps so that no user interaction is required for the automations to run.

The Problem

When the Mac first wakes up at 8 AM in the morning, but it does not stay awake without any user interaction long enough. This means that as soon as it wakes up, the display goes right back to sleep in less than a minute without giving time for any automations to launch.

Resources Used

I’ve tried pmset and Power Manager but the Mac still doesn’t stay awake long enough to run any automations. For whatever reason, Apple removed the Energy Saver preference panel from macOS way back in macOS Ventura’s System Settings.

energy saver

There no setting to edit here, really.


I don’t know how to increase the time between when it wakes up and goes back to sleep without user interaction. Can anyone help?

This works for me.

Two Things:

  1. What is the syntax for creating a box like that?
  2. Amphetamine “does keep” the Mac awake but it doesn’t wake it from sleep. I have it installed as well.

Your Apple Silicon Mac doesn’t “sleep” like an Intel Mac did because it doesn’t need to. It’s effectively always “Awake” just running on the efficiency cores.

So the question really is, why are your automations not running? What are you using to trigger them? What actions are you trying to trigger?

If you have your Mac waking at 8AM try this,

Set your default Amphetamine duration under 'Session Defaults" then ‘Start session after waking from sleep’ under ‘Quick Settings’

Ok I’ll try this.

Power Manager will wake the Mac
power manager

Amphetamine should start and keep it awake.

I’ll report back tomorrow.

Same result. Without user interaction, the screen turned on for a few seconds and then went back to sleep. Also, none of the automations launched automatically; they needed user input. I can only assume that’s because the screen was off, and I know that no modern automation applications can wake a Mac yet. I don’t know how to solve this issue. I need help from the Mac Power Users community.

Could something here be the issue?

Why not disable sleep altogether. The display is the min power hog so let it turn off but keep the Mac running. I have an old Mini and a M1 iMac and neither goes to sleep but the displays do shut off.

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@bocciaman Please read this post.

Did you near to share a link?

No, @geoffaire was referring to his prior post, accessible by clicking the arrow next to his image in the upper right corner:

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