Network Diagramming Tool

Hi Folks,
Looking for a tool for the above.
I don’t need a “discovery” tool, I
know what goes where, I need to

Looking to draw a picture that shows the
red cable goes from Port 5 on the Cisco
switch to Port 2 on the pfSense firewall.

If it had symbols that had the Cisco switch
look like a Cisco switch and the pfSense
look like a pfSense, that would be bonus!

Thanks for any help.

I recommend checking out OmniGraffle. There’s also a companion site called Stenciltown that contains a wide variety of stencils, including some for Cisco switches.

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How big is your network?

Also use OmniGraffle and there are stencils at graffletopia with CISCO images

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LucidChart has Cisco symbols in its standard library.

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Network is not all that big, it’s more
that I want to document the blue cable
is for the IoT vlan, the red for the media
vlan, etc. The ISP is fire walled by the
black cable connected to…

Thanks for all the help, good suggestions.
Much appreciated.

I know people who use Patch Manager to document a reasonably complex network, but for something small it’s probably overkill. As others have said, Omnigraffle is an option, as is Visio.

In my experience, using network diagrams to document the network (as opposed to showing design) never worked out especially well, as it tends to get out of sync with reality distressingly easily.

+1 for Lucidchart

Work paid for the license and I occasionally use it for my own stuff too

Another user of OmniGraffle … very flexible and makes great documentation drawings.

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This could probably be done using

They have 23 templates for networks, and you could also make your own.