Network wiring diagram

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive Mac app or web-based software to assist in drawing a simple home network wiring diagram?

The wired network consists of a cable modem, 3-unit router/mesh /wifi access point system, 2 ethernet-connected computers, 3 switches, printer, several AppleTVs, home security system interface, Ooma VOIP device, Tablo TV tuner/DVR and and approximately 15 ethernet jacks throughout the home.

I would like to construct a simple diagram and perhaps superimpose portions of this over existing house floor plans.

Apple Keynote may work for you.

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Do you have the house plans as an image? If so, would Preview’s annotation tools work for your purposes? They’re pretty rudimentary, but if all you’re doing is dropping colored lines and simple shapes onto an existing image, that might cover you.

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Great idea, thanks! Is it possible to download or add in some icons or symbols for common network devices? Keynote has simple shapes for boxes, lines and even a computer screen, but it would be nice to have symbols for a router, WAP, printer, switch, etc.

Maybe just randomly drill around the internet for images to download?

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“transparent png” + whatever you want a pic of. You’re not publishing this anywhere. :slight_smile:



I like free app


I’ve been using Obsidian and Mermaid JS for this!

graph TD
	ME-->N{Network Switch}
	N---A((Apple TV))
	N---NS((Nintendo Switch))
	N---PHH((Philips Hue Hub))
	N---ITH((IKEA Trädfri Hub))
	N-->O{Office Switch}
	O---D((Mac Mini))
	O---E((Windows PC))
	O---S((Spare Desk Cable))
	O-->OE[/Office Eero\]
	OE-->RP((Raspberry Pi))

Results in this:

The mermaid live editor is quite useful for this!


Your swedish is rusty. It’s Trådfri - wireless; not trädfri - treeless :wink:


Hehe, I’ve got the right naming in the actual table/dataview!

The Noun Project is a great source for this.


And a desktop version!

2 Likes is open source and amazingly capable for this.

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