New AirPods announced!

Apple announced new AirPods today. Hey Siri support, optional Qi compatible wireless charging case.



Interesting that the wireless case is optional and that the AirPower mat remains nowhere to be seen; it was speculated that one thing holding back the updated AirPods was for the wireless charging case to be released along with AirPower.

Too bad the rumor about black Airpods was wrong - at least for now. Maybe we’ll see it come Xmas (if it comes at all).

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The week’s not over yet.


I just ordered my new AirPods!

I went with the Wireless Charging Case option. I think it’s just a matter of time before the AirPower mat is released. Apple’s on a roll this week…so maybe we’ll even see this product tomorrow! :smiley:

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Ordered. Faster connect plus more talk time is great news. What is going on this week?!


I went with the wireless case as well. It’s not that much more if you’re buying the new AirPods, and even if AirPower never emerges it’s usable with Qi chargers. I’m thinking about getting one and putting it in my mud room area where the AirPods live when I’m not using them. It would be useful to be able to just drop the case on a charger rather than moving them to someplace where I’ve got a Lightning cable.


Clearing the decks ahead of the services-focused event next Monday, I suspect.


Let’s see if I can sell off the old ones before the price goes down!

My right Airpod is down to less than 15 minutes battery life, but the left holds for over an hour still…so I’m going to wait.
I absolutely love my Airpods and carry them in my pocket everywhere, but $169 every 2 years or so is a lot of money. I really hope this issue has been addressed in the current release, but I’m not surprised Apple didn’t (appear to) refer to it directly.


They want to get out the hardware now so they can (get everyone to) focus next week on their multi-billion-dollar investments in the new streaming video and news subscriptions platforms.

EDIT: And they just added new watch bands and iPhone case colors as well.


I kind of doubt it. I think a lot of this is just the physics of really tiny batteries. I’m down to less than two hours of listening time on mine.

I’ve basically decided to accept that AirPods are devices with about a two year lifespan for me.


Ordered! First pair! Having slight doubts about having gone for the wireless charging case.

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Ordered with Wireless charging case!

Posted an add to sell my nearly new set I had to replace recently!

This is an expensive week… Still very tempted by the iPad Air.

But they still look stupid. Worst Apple design by far.

This is what I’m thinking too, we could get it this week or they could do a cheeky “one more thing” with it

I ordered a new set also. Going to pass my old ones on to my daughter since they work for 30-60 minutes at a time if you keep them topped up. I decided to get the non-wireless charging case because I don’t have any wireless charging devices (or mats). I figure that I can always buy a wireless charging case in the future if I have the need.

Oof! Canadian prices are NOT kind to your wallet!

If you like them, you like them :slight_smile: But having those “straws” hanging out of your ears just looks weird to me. I went with the Jabra Active 65t. Better and more secure fit and they have ip56. Maybe the new AirPods will have a better sound and those BT upgrades are nice, but there are better options out there for the same money or less.

HOPEFULLY they will have production on these cranking out in overtime, they need stave-off a 2-4 month wait time like they had last time.

We do pay a premium here in Canada because of the dollar. $1 CAD is about $1.333 USD, so the prices Apple charges are pretty much in line with what people pay in the USA.