New app: TextBuddy

May be of interest to some around here: TextBuddy

TextBuddy is a single window of text with over 100 useful commands you can run to turn your text into the format you need, extract some data, or jot down a quick note.

This blog post from the developer does a good job of showcasing features. Free to use and reasonable pricing.


I know how the guy feels when he says “How can you not feel like you’re onto something when the Internet’s Resident Mad Scientist says ‘I tried it out for 5 minutes and immediately purchased.’ “


Whoa the features of capturing text from screenshots and Transcribing Text from Video and Audio Files looks incredible.


Similar to Boop?


Looks like a knock-off of TextSoap – which has been around for 20+ years. I’ve used it for most of that time. Indispensable. IMO, far more features in TextSoap. Menubar, macOS services, and also a PopClip extension for TextSoap.


TextBuddy sounds interesting, but for those stuck in the MacOS’s before Big Sur, it is not available.
OCR of images/screenshots probably can be done by a number of programs. Keyboard Maestro is one that many on this forum have.

TextBuddy is not really a proper Mac app and not a text editor. No “Open…” command to open a file (Command-O is for OCR). Dropping a text file on it copies the text into a “TextBuddy” window and doesn’t allow for editing and saving the file, as far as I can tell.

Sorry, is there anything on the TextBuddy website that says it is a text editor?


a single-window of text with 128 useful commands you can run to transform , sort , and filter your text into the format you need, extract some data, or jot down a quick note.

That is the beauty of this app. It’s a manipulator, not an editor. I like its simplicity. Dump your text in from [somewhere], do your transformations, then copy out to [somewhere else].

I emailed the developer (who responded very fast) asking about regular expressions in search and replace. It’s coming.

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Thanks for recommendation. Tried 5 minutes and paid for it straight away. Extremely useful app!