New Apple Event - let the wild guesses begin!

“Apple today announced its second fall event of 2023, with the online event set to be held on Monday, October 30 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Apple’s October event will be about the Mac, and the company is expected to refresh several Macs in the lineup. Apple’s Events website features an Apple logo on a black background that morphs into the Mac Finder icon, confirming the event’s Mac focus.”


Oh, that one is easy. Last week I got a M2 Pro Mac mini. They will announce the M3.


Not sure I want to get up at 1am for this… but M3 MacBook Pro etc.

M2 24" iMac. IMO, it’s time to upgrade the iMac or say goodbye to it.

but are we calling the M2 “scary fast” now? that ship has sailed.

First Apple event in quite a while that I’m going to miss. Crazy timing for those of us in Europe. :zzz:


Who said the event is about processors? Maybe Apple is talking about how fast they can empty your bank account. :wink:


<clutches 2019 i9 Macbook Pro 16" like pearls>

not going to happen…


I also bought my mini 3 weeks ago. One consolation is that Apple will probably refresh the MacBook Pros first. Maybe even the iMac and leave the mini and Studio for next year. I hope :laughing:

I wish they’d called it “lightening fast” rather than “scary fast”.

It’s either the Apple Car or the new Apple Pencil Pro (…with Thunderbolt 4 for
scary fast charging. It’s our best Apple Pencil ever".) :crazy_face:

Scary is probably a jibe at Halloween, I think.


Apple Events usually happens at 1am-3am my timr. I watched it live except the last one since I’m too sleepy.

This is the first time I’m watching the event live at 8AM.


What I like about this announcement:

  1. The gossip “experts” do not know anything about it.
  2. Apple still does think different. :wink: Are they playing with us? New pencil last week. (“Press”: No hardware releases for the rest of this year.)
  3. “Scary fast” - yes, Halloween, but still: there will be something Apple considers to be exactly that: scary fast.

What I do not like: the European timezone always has been perfect for Apple announcements at 9 am PDT. Not so much at 5 pm PDT. But… It is nice for the US and like @wiredfractal already has pointed out: for some other timezones, too. So, I will read about it in the morning - and maybe watch it later (or not, depending on the content). :slight_smile:


Just in time for your second cup of coffee? :grinning: And it just occurred to me that it will also be 8AM in China.


For my use M1 is still blazing fast. I recently got a M2 machine and don’t find any speed difference between the two.


I agree.

The 27" iMacs with Intel i5s were blazing fast in 2017 and I don’t think Microsoft has upped the processor requirements for Word and Excel. The percent of business users that need more than an M1 has to be tiny.

Would still like an M2 MacBook Air for its option to spec memory at 24GB! But, as you say, would not hope for a noticeable increase in speed.

I’m still holding out for a 27in iMac. My wife still uses a 2017 iMac with a Fusion Drive. She’s blind so she really likes the huge 5k screen, but the current Studio Display + separate Mac combo is a lot of money to cough up.

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I’m going with a safe guess: M3 Airs, iMac, and 13" MBP.