New Apple Event - let the wild guesses begin!

It was a relief that there was no M3 Mac mini, otherwise I will not be able to sleep well … evil me, I know… but, kekekeke

Yeah I am happy there was no iPad Mini this year.


Those M3 updates look very nice. The Mac platform definitely is delivering.

The last message was one of the most impressive ones to me: This event was shot on iPhone. It has been edited on Macs. What about sending a signal! :slight_smile:

One more thing: if only Apple recognized that colors can be vivid, lively, intensive! There is more out there than only 1,000 shades of grey (no matter if they are called Space Black or Starlight - “just” shades of grey). :slight_smile:

I don’t think the M3 14” is a great product. It’s basically a heavier M2 Air, with a nicer (but barely larger) display and an HDMI port which might help to reduce dongle life for business people. Anything else useful about it?

I mean it’s probably great for Apple. Higher margins and it’s called Pro so businesses will buy it.

If that had happened, my aging 2012 Mac Mini that acts as a media server connected to my living room TV would have been retired with honors.

The new iMac M3, even in the 8-core CPU,
10-core GPU 512GB of storage configuration, has only 8GB of unified memory.
This leaves me very puzzled.
Upgrading to 16 GB of unified memory and a 1 TB SSD will exceed € 2,500
I wonder if it might not be better to go for a mac mini M2 pro.

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I love my 5k iMac 27 inch, but beginning to think about replacement in a year or two, I can see the sense of a modular approach with a separate monitor of my choice and a desktop box (mini or studio). I no longer need a Mac with me as I am retired, so not visiting clients or events. I have an iPad Pro and Magic keyboard for working when I am not at home. I don’t think the new model iMac will do it for me.

Color complicates manufacturing, especially at Apple’s volumes. How many “shocking pink” Macbook Pros would Apple need to make? It might be a big seller in one area but you may not be able to give them away in another. Businesses tend to standardize on one color, usually something that will fit in anywhere.

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MKBHD mentioned that in his latest video.

It’s to make out that it’s more of an improvement than in reality. Apple always compares inferior and out-of-date chips to bump up their marketing.

It’s the same when they compare Apple Silicon to Intel/AMD/Nvidia - they always compare Apple Silicon to laptop chips or chips used in years-old Intel Macs as modern desktop chips are of a magnitude more powerful than the top-end Apple Silicon chipsets.

Imagine if they included charts like this showing the real graphics power of an Ultra chip, instead of only focusing on efficiency:


100% true. Color complicates manufacturing.

I am not suggesting “shocking pink” or a dozen colors for every product. What I was trying to say: Less shades of grey in the “Pro” segment and maybe instead one or two real color choices apart from grey and black. Like they are doing with the Macbook Air and even more so: the iMac (which may indeed be too much). :person_shrugging:

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Apart from giving bigger gain percentages to present, I think this is the upgrade path that Apple expects. Their upgrade market for M3 based machines are the people using M1 and Intel rather than those using M2 (though I’m sure they wouldn’t discourage M2 folks to upgrade :slight_smile: )

They got me: I have a black 14" MBP, 2TB, 128 GB on order. May any and all gods have mercy on my bank account :laughing:


Got me too…

14" Blackish Max 30 core. Traded in my i9 Macbook Pro


Who has received their new rigs? What are your M3 thoughts?

My MBP arrived much earlier than Apple suggested that it would. As many reviewers have already pointed out, Space Black isn’t black, but it does look very nice. The new computer benchmarks are better than the M1 Max MBP it replaced, but for the things that I do, I don’t notice. Having (more than) enough RAM is very, very nice. Performance wise, the one difference that I’ve noticed is that no matter how many windows I have open across a dozen or so Spaces, there isn’t ever the slightest hint of stutter or delay when invoking Mission Control. The M1 Max would sometimes give just a tiny bit of stutter.

If I had gotten the M1 Max with 64GB RAM instead of 32, I wouldn’t have upgraded, and that wouldn’t have made any noticeable difference to me. Overall I’m very happy with this new machine and I hope that it will last me for a long time.


Got a silver MBP M3 Max base model, upgraded from M1 Pro. Very happy. Plan to keep this for around 5 years, although AI integrations into the OS might change that requirement. I upgraded because I want to take a step up, with a little more memory. Smoother operation. Single core is noticeable but not overwhelming. I wish more apps were optimized better to use the M series processors more efficiently.