New Apple TV not recognized in HomeKit

I just bought a new Apple TV 4K so I could use FaceTime. I unplugged my old Apple TV and just plugged in the new one, power, HDMI, and ethernet. Now my Apple TV won’t show up in HomeKit.

I tried setting up from iPhone and I tired manual set up with the same result. In the HomeKit setting it says I’m connected to my home but the TV isn’t showing up in the Home app or as a Hub.

This is preventing me from setting my HomePods as the default audio.

Any ideas what you be the problem?

If you go onto the AppleTV and go to the Homekit area of settings, you need to add the AppleTV into a room, then it should show in the home App.

I had this issue recently when I had to rebuild my Apple Home from scratch

It is. It’s not showing up in there “Home Hubs” area either.

Turn on airplane mode for 7 seconds, then off.
Force quit the home app.
Restart the iPad or iPhone.

Try again.


I can still find the Apple TV in the Remote app.

When I go to add it to a room none of my rooms are showing up. It shows me rooms I created during the initial setup. It’s just like it’s not recognizing my Home.

Could you try turning off the Apple TV by pulling out the plug and then starting it up again?

I had exactly this problem last week and had to rebuild my whole house from scratch. :frowning:

Brick by brick :slightly_smiling_face: ?


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You had to rebuild just because of the Apple TV problem?

I even zapped the PRAM.

And now my other Apple TV, the one I haven’t touched, stopped working in the Home app. Did Apple change something recently?

“It just works” my *ss.

They can make universal control work perfectly but they can’t figure out how to add their own devices to their own apps.

Was your previous AppleTV serving as your Home hub by chance? With it unplugged when you installed the new one, it could have put your Home in an unknown state. Just a thought.

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My old Apple TV was being used as a Home Hub but the more I think about it the more I want to say that I haven’t been receiving notifications in my TV for the doorbell and other alerts and am wondering if this was an issue before the new device was installed and I just didn’t realize it.

How would I be able to tell if my Home was in an unknown state? It still runs fine through my phone, iPad, and Mac it’s just that my TVs won’t recognize it.

No I had to rebuild it because my entire Apple Home evaporated.

Ouch. That’s painful. I feel like that’s going to be my only option as well.