New appointment shortcut... with invitees?

Is it possible to make a shortcut that creates a new calendar event that also includes invites to designated recipients?

I’ve looked at the actions for, Fantastical, and Toolbox Pro… but did not see a way to include invitees on an appointment.

I’d be happy to purchase a third party app for this feature… it’s key to my workflow.


In the Fantastical help book it looks like they do have the ability to invite people when setting up a calendar appointment.

There are videos which cover these things as well.

Thanks, Darran. I haven’t been able to script the adding of invites in Shortcuts but will keep trying.


Not exactly what you are after but this routine I created for a client will set a calendar appointment then send the ICS file via iMessage to your selected contact, might be adaptable for your circumstances.


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