New beta OS’s: what doesn’t work?

Now that the public betas are out, I’m very tempted. I usually wait for the 2nd public beta but may pull the trigger. Before I put this on my one and only MacBook, which programs don’t work? (I’m leaving the iPad alone in case I mess things up).

I saw some odd behavior with iA Writer. My folders in iCloud looked like folders, but kind of behaved like files, except that I couldn’t actually open them. Clicking on them just provided information about the folder.

Strangely, if I knew the name of a file inside one of those folders, I could search for and open it without issue.

I saw similar behavior in iPadOS.

I downgraded back to Mojave and iOS 12 today. The last couple of years I’ve had very little issue once the public betas come out, and have been comfortable running them on my daily drivers (I have no backup machines available to me). Not this time around.

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Also, Face ID was a bit flaky on iPad OS. On iOS it seemed okay.

Downgraded back to Mojave? Okay, I’ll wait for Public Beta 2, then. :frowning:

check the macrumors forums they have very detailed wikis on each os:


For me none of the stock apps work, not even Finder. So my MacBook is basically useless… .

Andy Ihnatko mentioned two subreddits dedicated to Beta OS:

  1. iOS Beta:
  2. macOS Beta:

Still staying off the Beta train for a few more weeks

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The obvious – any 32-bit apps, of which I’ve got so many I need that I can’t use Catalina at least for a few months. But that did get me soul searching and dumping a number of programs that don’t work and I don’t need: iWork '09, iWeb, iDVD, QuickTime 7, Aperture (I still cry over this one), and a pile of old games that I don’t play anyway.

In the next day or two I will reinstall the beta on an external SSD drive so I can play with it.

When a 32-bit app quits working, what happens? Will it not open at all or does it have limited functionality?

Thanks. /twentycharacters