New Calculator for iPhone


My new Calculator is now available. I have been working on this project for several months.
It is a great calculator for daily use.
It also has a few special features not available on other calculators. Please check out the website if you would like more information.

Also if you like the click of pens you might enjoy my special implementation of haptic feedback on the iPhone.

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Soulver has this already figured out in a very nice way.


No RPN makes it a non-starter. Been using HP calculators for over 40 years and don’t want to change now.


I’ve been in the TestFlight for this app and it is great! Fast, Clean and Simply!

Just the right balance of simplicity and power.

Highly recommend!

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There are a huge number of calculator apps available. IMO, $4.99 for another one, with no trial available, is out of line.

Too bad the iPads do not come with a calculator app. I am annoyed that I have to pay for a calculator app or look at advertising.

The calculator on the iPhone works well and I use it frequently. Most of the functions are simple straight forward.

CalcAllot will be on sale for $0.99 US until July 21 2019.

I bought PCalc the day it was first available on the iOS App Store, plus it’s a universal app. It’s hard to beat a calculator with a ton of math features (trig, programming, scientific, constants, conversions, etc…) plus AR bananas!