New desktop - standing desk


Finally i finished the “cable-management” on my new desk. Changed only the legs and now i can share the pics with you.

Nothing special about my hardware:

  • iMac 5k
  • JPL Peppble for sound
  • if needed: SnapScan 1300





Nice! Are those fracture prints on the wall there?


No, just normal frameless frames (back - cardoard + glas)


Do I see the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Yosemite up there?


Yes, you are right.

Bryce Canyon / Grand Canyon
Yosemite NP / Grand Canyon


Good stuff! Thanks! And a special thanks for the under-desk photo! Cable management has eluded me! Examples are helpful and motivating!


The big one with the loop around one of the table-legs is a Kensington iMac lock, in case you wonder.