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Hi Gang,

Hope you all are doing well and healthy. My best wishes for you, friend and family. I am taking some time and thinking that I have a mess of accounts, gmail/iCloud aliases … just crazy. I want to start fresh with a new email and be able to organize my stuff there.

With iCloud is no issue with changing my email and creating new one since I do not buy apps, and I am register to Storage and Music but can do that with my new one and cancel this one.

I was thinking of going full iCloud, since I can create something like one alias for social/blogs/ and one alias for banking. What I do not know is if with all happening with Marriott hotels, if hotels/flighs/rental car should have their own email or I can add them with social/blogs.

Another thing is that my usual stuff like netflix/amazon/ebay/paypal not sure if they should be mixed with banking.

I have steam and gaming stuff with a hotmail email since I use a windows pc to play and makes it easier.

I have a common name Luis Anthony Martinez, so the usual email providers are a pain since let me tell you their a lot of Luis Martinez on this world. :slight_smile: Maybe I am overthinking it but need some help. Any thoughts how can I organize?

Hope you can help me with some ideas…

Take care,
Luis Anthony

Have you considered purchasing your own domain? I think I paid less than $20 each for mine and have my email hosted at Google. Depending on the domain registrar it is normally less per year to renew them.

I think you can have 30 aliases per account. The price per account is $6/month for Basic. The cost and features to have Microsoft host your email should be about the same.

HI, I thought about it once, but never figure out a name. I am not so good with creating things like that, like inventing names and stuff, that sounds profesional.

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Best thing about using your own domain is that you can easily point it to a different email account (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo- whatever) if you need to. I use for my domain registrations (prices, depending on domain average ~ US $15/yr) and some emails auto-forward to gmail, others to Yahoomail. Been doing this for over a decade. If you’re not good with coming up with an available domain name ask friends/family. Also, most of the host companies have software when you look to register a domain which offer suggested alternatives if your preferred name is taken. For example, at Hover entering LAMartinez yielded the following (as the main domains were apparently taken):


Thank you for your inputs… I will check and report back.

Another vote for your own domain. I got my own years ago and have never looked back. I currently use GSuite for my email service. However, I love that I can move services easily (and have done so in the past quite a few times).

Thanks for the inputs…

What would be a good domain on these times… or .me. I would like to have it for email but maybe I can start maybe blogging as a hobby…

I’d personally prioritize a top-level domain for personal use. LuisAnthony is available in .org and .net. Normal yearly registration is $19/yr.

Of the two you listed I’d personally use .me unless I were primarily using my email for tech-related work, but I’d still prefer .org/.net

Boutique domains are often pricier than more established ones - .me is usually around US $$24/yr for renewals and .tech is usually $25-$30/yr (although registrars typically significantly discount the first year to a negligible pocket-change amount to get people into the domain).

I own several dozen domains currently (some top-level TLDs, some in Europe, most a remnant of domain squatting/reselling I did 15 years ago that I keep renewing) but the domains I use for email are mainly a handful of personalized .com addresses and my AppleID .me email address.

For general use choose a domain whose email address you’ll be happy giving out to non-techy relatives and friends. An old girlfriend whose name ended in ‘es’ cleverly got herself a domain with a domain that spelled out her last name in the .es country domain, but some less internet-proficient relatives kept trying to send her email to her name at .com. (Indeed, I’ve gotten a LOT of misdirected personal emails over the years by people who did similar things with domains I owned.)

FYI I I recommend and and (but all my domains are registered with gandi)

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Thank you bowline.

I’m also trying to get a domain for myself.

Assuming I got the domain

What would be an appropriate email address?:

I hope you get my meaning.

What would you suggest? This would be my main email address for everyone. I do not want to have different email addresses for different things. Too much mental overhead for me to process.

Anything you want. I tend not to use email/me/info simply because they’re common addresses spambots would clearly blast email to for any domain. (That said, once some person or company that has your email gets compromised - and eventually some will - your address can be used/sold for spam purposes.) But if you’re forwarding email to somewhere with good spam filtering (eg Google, Yahoo, Outlook) then you could probably get away with posting your email publicly and would simply have to periodically have to check your spam folder for the occasional false-positive.

That’s some very good advice.

Based on your points, I’m thinking… Your thoughts

Also another query. My friend has a custom domain and he uses G Suite. When he sends me emails from his custom address, it usually goes to SPAM. He said this is the case most of times when he emails anyone. However, when he uses his gmail account, emails are delivered in their respective inboxes.

Do you know how I can avoid this? Especially when emailing people using gmail or outlook which appears to me most of the world…

Looking forward to your view

May I suggest ProtonMail with an address in addition to your default address? I think the short address is kind of neat :smile:

(Free accounts: receive at the only. Need a premium account to send from it. But I think the service is worth the money.)

I suspect this is due to his domain’s reputation. has tools that could help him diagnose his problem.

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That negates the usefulness of a permanent email address that can be forwarded to any email provider, ProtonMail included.

For what it’s worth, I use my first (I also have other aliases set up for online use).


Thanks to all the inputs here and the episode about e-mail I think I found what I need for the moment. I went with Is a price that I can afford, it have the aliases and that is good for me, since if my email is on the dark web, is not worth a lot since it can’t be used to login to my real fastmail account. I can find my different emails depending on the use. I will give it a try and hopefully I can be with them for long time.


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