New Experimental Browser


It’s quite interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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Is it a Chromium web browser?

I believe so. It’s…very experimental right now. Mac only but Electron based.

The UI is super basic and loading webpages doesn’t always work for me.

But the concept has legs!


So it isn’t native?

I hope it does get better, but I’m turned off for now.

Far from native. Though I don’t understand what a “native” browser is.

I thought you were talking about the user interface?

I have no way of knowing which part of the app is using Electron :grin:

I don’t think it’s all that crazy to design the chrome of a browser using web technology. It’s already going to be there anyways.

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Did you find any way to change the hotkey? It hijacks my Alfred and I don’t feel like unbuilding muscle memory :sweat_smile:

I don’t think it’s currently supported but is highly requested.

Glad someone posted this. I played around with it a bit yesterday. The visor/overlay approach combined with a forced single window is a neat idea. You can script Safari/Chrome/FF to appear and disappear similarly, but unless you’re diligent about window and tab management, you can’t rely on its appearing a certain way. That’s where the visual workspace and associations come in–your eyes can jump to the lower right, or center, as you’re hitting the shortcut.

I might actually like to see this become much smaller, like if GhostNote had a tiny browser. That’d obviously be a significant rendering challenge since mobile/narrow-width views are designed for a different use case and have too much whitespace (you wouldn’t want to do much scrolling when quickly referencing an overlay.)

Here’s a simple Hammerspoon config that will let you toggle Safari’s appearance. I use a few of these; Terminal sees the most daily action (basically continuing the habit from when I used iTerm.)

	{{"ctrl"}, "s"},
		focusedApplication = hs.window.focusedWindow():application()
		if focusedApplication:title() == "Safari" then

That’s an elegant Hammerspoon snippet. Thanks!

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