New Feature: Bookends (Sonny Software) Export to Markdown

Bookends, a bibliography reference management application from Sonny Software, now has the ability to export notes and annotations in note streams to markdown format.

I had been toying around with a markdown format for export prior to the announcement.

The export focuses on Obsidian as the desired standard.

For those inclined to ask, the new feature set in Bookends offers distinct advantages over the Zotero β†’ Obsidian approaches (as far as I have reviewed them to now).

  • no need to install, learn and maintain a plug-in (or two or three or …) to handle the export
  • more easily able to collect specific PDF files and their respective notes into a self-contained markdown file + folder set, for example to save as a ZIP historic archive or to send as a self-contained reference set (disclaimer: you may be able to do this in Zotero, but not out of the box and likely not in the same intuitive and hassle-free manner)

I hope this news finds some interest, perhaps for those who work with bibliographies, are enticed by the though of being able to share annotations Zotero β†’ Obsidian, and are equally daunted by the apparent convolutions needed just to enable such sharing. Alternatively, this news may be of interest especially for those of you who use Zotero because it is the only game in town to export out annotations on your PDFs to markdown even though you still do not entirely grok or enjoy working with it overall.



It’s a complete game-changer for this Obsidian + Bookends user. The ability to deep link and then jump back to the relevant point in the Bookends PDF is brilliant.


FWIW, I have posted a Workflow Example in the Obsidian forum at the link below.


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A very nice workflow!