New iMac design

For those looking for a revamp to the long-unmodified iMac design, it looks like times are finally a-changing, at least somewhat. A leak of a build of iOS 14 apparently shows a design change for a new iMac, with somewhat more slender bezels

This came a few days after Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, who’s posted rumors in the past proven right (going back to iPhone 8 and the HomePod), said a new iMac with more iPad-like design-language was forthcoming


I think I would be cool if it looked like a 27 in iPad Pro, although I’d like a 32 or 35 in version.

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I’d definitely go for a 30" version. Rumbling rumors are that the iMac Pro and new iMac lines will essentially meld into one, with differences in size and internals but otherwise sharing the same design language (and assembly lines, one suspects).

If a larger-screened iMac was forthcoming I have a feeling it would be at a much higher, iMac Pro price tier with Xeon processors.

Although I generally loathe buying any 1st-gen hardware from Apple, this would probably be the last Intel machine I’d buy, and keeping it three years until AppleCare+ expired would be long enough for desktop ARM Mac designs to be on their 2nd iteration, so I think that’s the way I’m heading.

EDIT: I’m hearing from someone who has dev sources that there may be reason to hesitate before embracing that icon supposedly from iOS 14.


The iMac design definitely needs a refresh… and Apple needs to sell a stand-alone 5K display…


I am hoping for

  • Face recognition
  • More USB ports
  • Standard 10GBe Ethernet
  • No more HD or fusion drives

this one should be the most likely (I won’t say sure with apple and storage… :thinking:)

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This of the four is least likely to happen. It hasn’t happened in the past and likely now they might have the dumb idea to get rid of all USB 3 ports. (I say that having 9 USB cables connected to my current iMac and needing a hub.)

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It might become a giant iPad on a stand :joy:

I’m pretty sure Apple will make FaceID an ARM exclusive as one differentiating factor, but it would nice to have. I think we won’t see more ports but it will more plausibly be upgraded to USB4/Thunderbolt4, as eventually will all Apple devices that have ports.

You mean USB-A ports. Those can go away any time. They’re USB 3.0 / 3.1 gen1 (same thing, 5Gpbs). If they change them you’d be lucky to get USB 3.1 gen2 (10Gbps) using the USB-C connector in their place, those are far superior.

Your old devices can just get new cables, or share a hub where needed. More bandwidth on the ports mean more to share with multiple devices. :slight_smile:

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I’m really hoping that they release an external keyboard with touch bar.