New iMac, New Setup

I’ve been a MBP user for ages, but decided to go Desktop/iPad for some novelty.

I traded my 16" MBP for a yellow 24" iMac and am awaiting an 11" iPad Pro to go with. Here’s my current setup, a file cabinet as a mock standing desk. I plan on using the iPad in travel/sit down situations.



I see what you did with the background :). Nice setup. Is good to change things sometimes.


Looks great. It looks to me that you’ve made a nice warm space here. Agree with @LuisMartinez - I love the background. The new iMac is such a nice machine. Just curious, do you think the file cabinets will be a problem with sitting long-term, as you can’t put you legs under the desk?

Would like to get updates as to how your new desktop/iPad system is working for you after using for a while. I went in the opposite direction - changed from MacMini to a 14" MBP (so far, 98% used at desk, only 2% used as laptop in other areas of the house.)


Be still my heart! My favorite color is yellow :heart_eyes:. I can’t get myself to go back to a desktop machine, but the new iMacs have tempted me!

Congratulations! Very nicely done!

This whole setup is very “shibui”

“Shibui, shibumi, or shibusa are Japanese words that refer to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle
and unobtrusive beauty”

I like that!

@neonate, It’s a standing desk situation. I plan to sit elsewhere using the iPad, we’ll see how it goes!

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Very interesting space. I like what you’ve done.

Great Mac background!

Soooooo, that’s why you said “…a file cabinet as a mock standing desk.” Noooow, I get it. :crazy_face: